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ABA autism therapy: Creating a colorful beginning

Comfort ABA offers comprehensive ABA autism therapy services in New Jersey for children with autism. We focus on developing independent living skills, improving social skills, and increasing communication levels. Our goal is to prepare children to transition into a traditional school setting by mitigating specific challenging behaviors that interfere with learning and developing interpersonal relationships.


With Comfort ABA, every child and family receives a personalized, comprehensive autism assessment before treatment. Using this assessment, a tailored treatment plan is formulated for every child, focusing on goals like developing social and communication skills, toileting, and speech therapy outcomes. Our therapists then review progress with parents, observe changes, and target areas that may require improvement.

We’re reaching new heights with autism therapy

Comfort ABA can help your child strengthen their skills at every stage. By creating custom autism treatment plans for every child, our in-home ABA therapy can help your child develop new skills and behaviors, so they can become productive and impactful citizens of their family and the wider community.


Our in-home ABA therapy enables our therapists to offer treatment in the child’s natural environment where they encounter everyday situations. This helps with the transfer of treatment to real life.

Our ABA behavior therapist is changing lives through ABA therapy

Since autism doesn’t affect just one aspect of a child’s life, Comfort ABA offers comprehensive ABA services for children with autism and their families. Besides our in-home ABA therapy for children, we also train parents on several topics relevant to autism. We’re dedicated to helping children with autism, allowing them to see the full spectrum of possibilities.


Comfort ABA’s behavior therapists in New Jersey strive to make a difference in a child’s life. They’re professionally trained and make a meaningful impact on their community. We strive to offer both individual and community support to your family. You’ll find strength through our network of individuals and families part of the Comfort ABA family and embody the Comfort ABA way!


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