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Common Child Behavior Problems and Their Solutions

It’s funny how we find ourselves in the shoes of parents whose ‘spoiled’ kids we used to look at and think, I’m never raising my child like that. Children are seldom spoiled, but they do display problematic behavior.

As a parent, your response to the following behavior will determine whether it’ll be a recurring feature in your child’s life. Here’s how.


We’ve all seen a child throwing a full-blown temper tantrum in public, complete with screaming and lying down on a filthy floor, and had their parents ignore them for the longest possible time.

This is a belated attempt on the parents’ part to tell their child that a tantrum won’t get them what they want. You should ignore your child the first time they throw a hissy fit to attract attention and tell them point-blank that no amount of noise would change your mind.

Teach them to communicate their needs in a more public-friendly manner from the get-go, and they’ll be unlikely to embarrass you in the future.

Sleeping Challenges

Your children may refuse to sleep by the designated bedtime, or they might want to sleep with you. Both of these scenarios are counter-productive to quality sleep. It’s also one of the reasons children throw temper tantrums during their waking hours.

Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of behavior, not to mention physical problems in children.

Sticking to the rules is the only thing you can do here. Don’t give them any sugar past six in the evening, and be consistent about bedtime. Tell them they have to be in bed by a certain hour and keep implementing it until it sticks.


Disobedience is a consequence of ignoring your child when they throw a tantrum. They might decide to take a page out of your book and ignore you when you tell them to do something.

This might spell big trouble in the future, and you have to nip it in the bud earlyon. The solution is quite simple. Just like you reward them for good behavior, warn them about the consequences of bad behavior.

For instance, if they refuse to pick up their Legos, tell them you’ll take away their iPad. If they ignore the warning, follow through with the consequence to nip it in the bud there and then.

Excessive Screen Time

It seems as if the children of this century have an appendage permanently reserved for an electronic device. This problem is as big an epidemic as any and comes with several consequences.

If your child has a debilitating dependency on electronic devices, we suggest establishing clear rules and limits on screen time. Replace their electronic devices with healthier alternatives like outdoor games, so they aren’t tempted to break the rules.

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