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History’s Inspiring People Who are Diagnosed with Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month! This month` is a very dear time for me because I silently celebrate all of the kids that I work and have worked with. Seeing progress and watching them do big things is what our field is all about. This is also the time where I learn about various famous people on the spectrum, who have greatly contributed to our society. Individuals on the spectrum make our world richer, add color, and contribute to our society. There are countless autistic minds and personalities that have made our world a better and more interesting place. I want to share with you some of my favorite famous individuals diagnosed with Autism:


Temple Grandin

I had the pleasure of watching Temple Grandin speak a couple of years ago during a conference on her life and work. I have been a huge fan since. She is a professor of animal science in University of Colorado State University. She is an author of books called Thinking in Pictures and The Way I see It. She created system for cows to be slaughtered in a pain free and stress free way. In her early years, Temple was diagnosed with Autism and did not learned to speak until she was four years old. The doctor recommended institutionalization and told her mother that Temple had Autism due to “cold mother-daughter interaction”. Her family refused to institutionalize Temple and her mother worked with her to increase language and learn other skills. Today she is a prominent speak and educator on Autism and animal behavior.


Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is an award wining, amazing actor. I have watched every movie he has ever stared in. He is known for his role in “Silence of the Lamb” as Hannibal Lector. He was diagnosed with high functioning Autism later in life. He is known for his ability to memorize lines and immerse himself in the characters he plays. He is also an artist, and during this lockdown, has built his portfolio using acrylic paints and oils.


Courtney Love

In middle school, I worshiped this rock goddess. Courtney Love was the front woman for the grunge band, Hole. My favorite songs were “Doll Parts” and “Celebrity Skin”. She was also known as Kurt Cobain’s Wife. He was Nirvana’s front man, who lost his life to suicide in 1994. She had a four decade career as an actress and singer. She revealed in her autobiography that she has mild Autism, and had to practice social skills and learn social cues. She stated her friends helped her practice her social skills by going to gay bars and interacting with different people.


Alexis Wineman

Alexis Wineman was the first Miss America Contestant with Autism. She was diagnosed with pervasive developmental disorder, which is on the Autism spectrum at age 11. She was bullied as a child and always felt different. She is the first known person on the spectrum to complete the Miss America pageant and an Autism advocate. She won the America Choice Award.


Albert Einstein

I have been fascinated by this famous scientist since I was a child. Albert Einstein is the most famous scientist and mathematician, who discovered the theory of relativity. As a child, Einstein was not officially diagnosed with Autism, but he had a speech delay and displayed echolalia, where he repeated statements to himself. He was very technical. These symptoms led experts to believe that he was on the autism spectrum.