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Comfort ABA provides in-home therapy in New Jersey specializing in ABA therapy, Family and Individual Therapy, and Organization Behavioral Management. Our goal is to help you navigate through this challenging road with ease and comfort. We make your well-being a priority by helping you navigate through the world of therapy so you and your family can live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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At Comfort ABA, we understand the challenges the parents of autistic children go through. Our therapists are well-versed in the field and will provide you with tailored treatment plans that suit your child’s needs. We foster a safe environment so your child can be at ease all the time. We’ll keep your child motivated and engaged and support you throughout the process because we care.

If you’re seeking individual and family therapy, we’ll provide you with a safe space where we’ll go over the issues you’re facing and help you solve them out. We work toward building healthy modes of communication between family members, solving family issues in a very therapeutic environment, fostering understanding, and creating a functioning home dynamic that is positive and encouraging.

For businesses trying to improve employee performance and create a healthy work environment, we provide Organizational Business Management that’s focused on assessing your workplace environment and employee behavior. Our consultants and managers will ensure you attain a positive workplace culture that is all about learning and a sustainable behavior change so your business can flourish.

We Guarantee Satisfaction At All Ends

We provide you with expert care at all times — our team of licensed behavior analysts is geared toward providing you, your family, or your business with quality care that is permanent. Our clients’ well-being drives us forward, and we ensure the highest standards of quality for you. You’ll find us to be caring, driven, and focused on you because you matter.

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