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We have developed a reputation for being one of New Jersey’s most reliable healthcare providers. At Comfort ABA, we offer a wide variety of services that are aimed at helping our patients improve their mental health. Our therapists use the best treatments and high-quality resources to ensure that you feel better.

Our aim is to help you take preventative measures and help you stay healthier for a longer time.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis is a successful treatment for children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder. It’s used to improve the child’s communication skills, learning behavior, and social interactions. It’s a tested clinical therapy that has shown positive results since 1960s. ABA uses learning theories to alter behavior and help the child become high-functioning. It uses concepts such as reinforcement, reward, motivation, extinction, conditioning, etc. to make the child understand acceptable behavior. At Comfort ABA, we use ABA because:

Family and Individual Therapy

The ultimate goal of family therapy is to ensure a healthy environment at home. We believe that it can improve communication and help build a stronger family unit adept at handling special situations.

Our therapists encourage families and individuals to come together and work on ways to get rid of their problems. This is done through open communication and airing out issues in an open and non-judgmental space, carefully moderated by our qualified therapists.

Organizational Business Management (OBM)

We also offer OBM, which is geared towards improving employee retention and performance. Our ultimate goal is to change the work environment and make it conducive to excellent performance.

To ensure meaningful and sustainable behavior change, our OBM managers and consultants work in different industries (e.g., health care, human services, education, government, nonprofits, manufacturing, financial services, retail, and many more). This ultimately translates into improved business outcomes.

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